Sunday, March 10, 2013


To the girl who came into this world weighing 5 pounds, 
To the girl we named Gabriella, after God's angel,
To the girl with the curly black hair who smiled and laughed all the time, 
To the girl who adored her older sisters and wanted to be just like them, 
To the girl who thought her younger brother was the coolest boy ever, 
To the girl who thought her niece was the prettiest baby ever, 
To the girl who made everyone laugh, 
To the girl who never knew a stranger, 
To the girl who loved God with all her heart, 
To my Gabi Goose, whose time on earth was too short, 
To my baby girl who gives me HOPE, 
To the girl who makes me so proud and blessed to be her mama, 
I love you and miss you every single day and I cannot wait for the day I see you again....
Happy Birthday baby, I love you. 

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